the carcass

Could this be the difference between what a good kitchen and a better kitchen are like.

When kitchen shopping this part of the kitchen is often overlooked in favour of the latest trend in colours and styles of the door. But if you open the kitchen door and it's the same colour carcass or it's painted the same as your room or it's veneered like other furniture or even solid wood like the front door!

It makes a difference.

Kitchen Cabinets in the colour you want.
    • All cabinets available in standard sizes or manufactured to any size required.
    • All cabinets are cam/dowel construction leaving no unsightly screw holes.
    • Full height 18mm backs in both base and wall units.
    • All exposed cabinet sides are edged with a tough PVC tape.
    • All base units have a standard 56mm scribing / service void.
    • All wall units have a standard 15mm scribing / service void.
    • All wall units fitted with quality camar wall hanging brackets with steel cover.
    • All base units are fitted with 150mm adjustable legs, for ease of levelling.
    • Metabox robust drawer system fitted as standard to all drawer units.
    • Blum Antaro anti-slam drawer system available as an upgrade.
    • Anti slam door system available.
    • All cabinets are fully assembled and wrapped before leaving our factory.