How it works - the pathway with Subject Kitchens


Normally our first contact would be through social media or our web site.


We'd have a chat where I would tell you how we're different, how being a broker makes the whole deal better for you.


In most cases, we can arrange a mutually convenient time for me to come and see the kitchen and take measurements.

The Appointment


In the appointment I will measure the space, the walls, the height, the position of  utilities etc.


Here we can talk and we will listen to your thaughts and ideas regarding colours, materials, appliances, surfaces, and price.


We consider ideas and come up with layouts based on what weve told eachother. It used to be called "run a tape round and chat about the design"


I will then go back and produce something tangible from our discussion with a specific brand, colour, material and price scale in mind. This is a starting point for the design, so there's no point in pricing it yet. Even if it is exactly how we discussed it, it's extremely prone to being changed.

Propose  - Consider - Cogitate - Re-Work

We will propose something like this. It will reflect our discussion, but may well still need some work doing on it to get to your .