A Specialist field, all it's own


We deal with a number of suppliers who specialise in worktops and surfaces. Once upon a time, we were happy with choosing from a selection like the one here, not anymore, it's still available though.

First, the materials

Lets try to keep it to 6 for now, beyond that if you know what you want, we have an open relationship with the market as a whole, so can get pretty much anything.


Then there's Luxury Laminate, matt, gloss, silk, even sparkly. Then there's the different thicknesses, the trend is towards rather thinnner or rather thicker than traditionally used

Solid Wood

This option takes a little more looking after  but looks amazing in the right setting. Often this is used in a feature run of units. There's not just Oak anymore, this is Walnut, there's Iroko, Beech, Bamboo, Maple. Full stave, end grain. 

Solid Surfacing

A practical attractive finish that can have no discernable joins.

Quartz & Granite

With lots of colours and price points, this is very popular. This worktop generally is made to order, after the rest of the kitchen is fitted by a specialist team.


Seen here with a built under stainless steel sink and drainer grooves.


You may have seen it in a magazine.